Mobility Aids

Whilst this website is being developed now is an ideal opportunity to explain exactly what mobility aids are and who uses them. A mobility aid is a device designed to help a persons mobility. The most common can be something simple as a walking stick which may be required for use following an operation or to facilitate a steady walking position.


The most common walker seen is often referred to as a Zimmer Frame however walkers are specifically designed to assist a person that has difficult walking. These are either rigid frame or wheeled. There are three wheeled versions called Tri Walkers and four wheel versions that are called rollators.


Often a very stereo typical image of a disabled person is the wheelchair and thankfully these have been improved upon and are now available to a wide range of sizes, colours and styles to suit most wheelchair users requirements.

Walking Sticks

Today there is a wide selection of walking sticks available. From the traditional wooden walking stick to foldable walking sticks and crutches that are specifically designed to suit the persons requirements or disability.

We look forward to launching this website and the wide range of products we will be offering to suit young disabled people or elderly people needing a little assistance.